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4/13/14, Teemu Selanne was named all three stars in his final regular-season game in Anaheim. He then took a final lap with former teammate, Jean-Sebastien Giguere.

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12/12/13: The Philadelphia Flyers crowd honors former Flyer and current Montreal Canadiens forward Daniel Brière with a standing ovation.

Once a Flyer, always a Flyer

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Ray Emery


Ray Emery

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If you look at this roster “on paper”, they should be scoring at a decent click. Nothing great, but not tied for the worst offense in the NHL either (with Rangers, 20 GF). In a lockout shortened season last year, Giroux was a point per game player, Voracek was just shy of that mark, Simmonds had…

In some ways, I agree. But to be honest, the lack of leadership isnt the whole equation. You can have a bunch of guys run around and shoot a puck with set plays, with formation, and with purpose, and they are still going to score goals. You don’t really need a leader to look up to, its just become the norm because that’s what WE see, the fans. There are things behind the curtain of the media we don’t see.

You nailed it with Giroux. We lack confidence. You see it when they score, you see it when they go on the ice. They are not confident. And not just the top line… NOBODY is. In hockey, when you lack confidence, you don’t play. And now, we are here. Bottom of the barrel.

But, the boys aren’t even that much to blame. Yes they are the ones playing, but sometimes there’s more to it. I’ll explain.

Since the 11-12 season, the Flyers organization has had several outstanding chances to make the club better. How. Well the deal for Johnathan Bernier for starters. You know how we are stuck with Emery? We could have gotten Bernier. But Holmgren is so obsessed with his middle line rookies he wouldn’t give them up. In fact, he’s so obsessed, he sent all of our prospects down to their junior clubs, where they are all producing like crazy.

And how bout the Philadelphia golden boy, Bobby Ryan? Same deal. I’m sorry, I love Coots and Shenn, but they are not producing. They haven’t been, and honestly they may never will. Shit I would have given up Both of them before JVR. And look at him now. Toronto is a powerhouse.

Holmgren has practically given away Richards, Carter, Bobrovsky, Leighton, JVR, Briere, and countless more while passing up opportunities for what the club needs: point producers. The real problem is the management.

As for drafting young guys. The one person we need to draft is Connor McDavid. No exception. We need that first round draft pick for him. Other than that, we have a strong core of young guys. Let’s use them, not send them down to Leigh Valley.

Fantastic post. The lack of leadership is absolutely not the only problem. This club has issues from top to bottom. I only attempted to scratch the surface with a major issue the Flyers have. I tend to look at the Emery signing in a more positive light though. Truthfully, they knew what they were getting with Razor, he played for the club before. They also could get him on the cheap, and he was part of the best goaltending tandem in the league last year in Chicago. I don’t blame them for looking at Emery to split time with Mason. I actually think it was a smart move to go with the cheaper Emery than attempting to go after Bernier.

Great point about Bobby Ryan. Completely slipped my mind when writing the post. Management is a huge issue. I’m not a fan of Berube as coach, Holmgren is a failure as a GM, and Ed Snider’s philosophy on paying for players may have worked in the old NHL, but it doesn’t work now. I’m definitely all for playing the young guys, letting them cut their teeth in the NHL, and getting a good taste at what these guys can do at the big stage. 

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